This inflatable globe luminaire was designed for micro-livers who spend a lot of time outdoors; like those who live in vans, RVs, trailer tiny homes etc.

The idea was inspired by the idea of the outdoors being part of your living space as it often is in the aforementioned situations.

It can use any rubber, latex or silicone cavity though balloons

The light is 300 Lumen it weighs 3.1 oz and runs on AAA batteries.

One Source

This lighting system was also designed for mIcro-livng situations. The basic idea centers around flexibility. The fixture is supposed to live with you and travel with you through your living space. The system has three basic elements;  Bases, Sources and Modifiers which use magnets to connect. 

There are three different types of bases:

  • Sticker backed— which can attach to any flat surface

  • Threaded — which attach to standard brass lighting tubes which are available at most lighting or hardware stores

  • Hanging — which has a loop to attach to any rope a user might want to use. 

The Modifier shown is heavily influenced by camera lenses and allows the change the degree and focus of the light through a zoom lens.
Others connect to change the form and act to diffuse the light.

The LED light source itself is ergonomic,  battery powered, USB rechargeable and can change color or be dimmed through a dial on the edge of the body.